Hi my name is Samantha McCowat :)

I have been qualified in massage therapy, reflexology and aromatherapy for over 10years and have a vast amount of experience working with individuals with a range of chronic health conditions (both physical and mental). I have a Bsc (Hons) degree in integrated healthcare that has allowed me to further develop my knowledge and understanding of complementary therapies and healthcare and I am also currently halfway through my training to become qualified in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I love to learn and regularly adding to my clinical skills allows me to provide the highest quality of care to my clients. 

My own health problems and recovery from chronic illness have fueled my passion for holistic healthcare and I am a huge advocate of improving sleep, reducing stress and balancing the nervous and immune system. I also strongly believe that we are all unique individuals with our own story and own path and that our health must be approached with this in mind :) 

I am currently based within The Oxygen Works Centre in Inverenss offering appointments on Monday afternooons, Tuesday mornings/ afternoons and Wednesday mornings.